How Graphic Design Gives Your Business Credibility

Professional Design Work is Often Undervalued in Small Businesses.

When just getting started and trying to build your business, the creative budget is frequently the last to be included in the budget.

Small businesses usually run on limited resources, and while it’s tempting to do your own graphic design, it pays to remember that designers know the sharp, well-thought out graphic design that can make all the difference to your small business.

You’ve heard it said that you only have one chance to make that first impression. It could be your logo or website; your potential customers will judge your business in just a few moments based on its visual appeal alone.

Our high quality graphic design team can give your business credibility, and that can be priceless.

4 Levels of Graphic Design

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Level 1 - Logo Design

Professional logo designed from up to 3 options with and without your tagline.

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Level 2 – Branding Design

Branding design includes level 1 Logo Design expanded into backgrounds, business card and letterhead designs. Perfect basics needed for your start-up business.

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Level 3 – Start-Up Graphics

This ultimate small business starter package includes: everything in level 1 & 2 broadened with social media headers and a business brochure design.

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Level 4 – Design A La Carte

Choose the custom design you need for your business in our A La Carte Menu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the graphic design of our small business really that important?

Yes. Your graphic design can give your brand credibility.

A well-done business sign, logo or website banner helps you look professional to viewers. It shows that you care enough about what you sell that you put forth that effort to impress your customers.

It can help you stand out from your competitors.

In a study done by a team called The Design Council, it was found that businesses who put more effort into their design and visual image appeal outperformed those other businesses who did not by 200%.

Yes, it is well worth the investment!

What is the best type of logo for my business?

Your logo should visibly represent all that your business stands for. 

Like the good hands of Allstate or the swoosh of Nike, your logo can graphically express the great qualities of your business with just a quick look.

We look at logo’s as three basic types: font-based, illustrated (literally showing what your business does like a veterinarian might show an illustration of an animal) and abstract symbols (such as the swoosh of Nike).

Here are 4 ways to approach your logo creation process.

  1. Write a very short version of your mission statement to focus on and then refer to this statement during the creating process.
  2. Look at your competitors and other businesses in your industry and compare their logos. Analyze the overall style (flashy graphics, bold fonts, conservative image, solid look, etc.) and decide how you would like your logo to be similar and to stand out.
  3. Concentrate on your message. Determine what makes your brand unique from your competition. Consider your target audience and what they are searching for.
  4. Keep it clean and functional. A well-made logo needs to be scalable, memorable, distinct and simple to reproduce. It should work as a sign or as a business card. It should be able to be copied, faxed and used as black and white as well as with color.