Video marketing is the newest online marketing strategy employed by marketers in getting an online audience to be aware of the products and services they are offering. The videos that business owners create are highly optimized to be more visible to potential customers that are searching for and are interested in knowing about a particular product or service.

After creating a video, marketers distribute the video to video sharing sites where potential customers might possibly watch it and get interested in purchasing their product. The most popular video sharing and distribution site today is YouTube. On YouTube, you can share and embed videos fast and easy. Registered users can upload videos as long as it won’t exceed 10 minutes long and are not above 2GB. Internet users can even watch videos on YouTube even without signing up for an account. This makes the site more interesting and convenient for users who are searching for videos on the topic they like.

Being a business owner, it is important to know what video sites you can upload videos that promote your products. You should know what video sites are popular among online audience and what sites can help you drive traffic to your site. Aside from YouTube, there are several video sharing sites where you can distribute your videos to be able to reach out to a wider online audience.

Below are 7 other great video distribution sites where you can upload your videos and market your products. – a video service site where you can upload your videos. You can either get a professional or basic account. Many people have attested to how excellent videos on this site are for playing on iPod and cellular phone playbacks.

Vimeo – another video sharing site where you can upload your original video. It has an easy to use interface and a very attractive design that users will surely like. Users are allowed to upload videos of up to 500 MB per week.

Daily Motion – another video distribution site where you can upload videos up to 1GB by signing up for a basic account. You can upload your videos via webcam, mobile phone or email.

– is one of the world’s largest video sharing sites where independent producers can gain profit when they post videos. The site is well-organized and duplication of videos is not allowed.

Veoh – a great video distribution and sharing site that allows users unlimited distribution of videos. Uploading and distribution of video is made easier by just cutting and pasting codes.

Brightcove – a video platform that lets users create their own channel to post their videos. You can build your channel very fast and easy.

Photobucket – formerly an image hosting site but now it is also a video uploading and sharing site that is now popular among online viewers.

There are other video sharing sites where you can upload your videos and reach out to a wider online audience. Make sure to choose the right video site to upload your videos so it can reach your targeted market. Another important thing to remember is to make your videos short but complete. Most internet users do not have the patience to finish watching long form videos so make sure to create a short one.

“Short form video is still the dominant variety of online video, holding eight of the top ten video genre spots.” –

Video marketing is not only about creating effective promotional videos but also about distributing these videos to popular and credible video sharing sites that can help you get more customers worldwide.