Perhaps everyone in Cyberspace has at least watched a YouTube video or has heard about it at the very least. It amazes me how much it has accomplished in five years.

As written in YouTube’s blog:

“Five years ago, after months of late nights, testing and preparation, YouTube’s founders launched the first beta version of in May, with a simple mission: give anyone a place to easily upload their videos and share them with the world. Whether you were an aspiring filmmaker, a politician, a proud parent, or someone who just wanted to connect with something bigger, YouTube became the place where you could broadcast yourself.”

So much has changed during the span of five years. First and foremost, the video quality has evolved from those grainy vlog entries to the high-definition (HD) videos that we are currently seeing. Some are even in 3D.

YouTube’s video content has also evolved: from the wobbly home videos or those very short funny viral videos to online marketing videos, coverage of events, and even feature films.

Today, YouTube boasts of having two billion views per day…and counting. Heck, that’s almost twice the audience of all three major US television networks combined! Not bad. “To say that it is a monumental achievement in technology and human creativity is to understate the obvious,” says Steve Smith of

So to commemorate their special day, YouTube has launched the YouTube Five Year Channel. They even have a project called the “My YouTube Story” which lets people describe how YouTube has changed or shaped their lives. They have also asked a bunch of luminaries such as Conan O’Brien, Vint Cerf, and Katie Couric to select their favorite videos.

YouTube of course credits their success to the users who have spent time uploading and watching videos on their website. “Thanks to you, our site has crossed another milestone,” they said in their blog.

Though they are happy about their achievements, they recognize that there’s more to be done. “We want to give you all the tools and support to make YouTube both your career and your community. After all, this is only the beginning of the video revolution. We’re just getting started.”

Happy birthday, YouTube, from ZooSEO!