So you’re trying to create an online empire for your business. I’m sure you’ve applied every SEO and SEM strategy that you may know – even got to the point of hiring a company or someone to do it for you. Well, you’re not alone. In fact, I have done the same to help me get my website achieve higher Google rankings.

Talking about SEO, we cannot dismiss the fact that writing content is still king. It is still the most utilized form of Internet marketing these days and the best way to get recognized by Google and achieve higher page rankings. However, there is another fast-growing industry for online marketing that deserves to be taken note of – and that’s video marketing.

Why should you use video marketing for your small business?

Well, for one, it is the fastest growing website feature right now. According to Mark Robertson of ReelSEO, video marketing is both the present and the future for small businesses. “It’s the single fastest growing feature that small businesses added to their website.” In a study they conducted on Q4 of 2008, only 5% of small business actually use video on their websites. During the Q4 of the following year, 19% were already using videos – a number that’s considered a very rapid growth in a year.

And that means something. As a businessman and a marketer, you should always be looking for new and effective ways to sell your product.

Now, let’s forget about technicalities for a while and focus on our audience. I know some people still prefer to read text, but most people choose to just push the play button, sit back, relax and watch a video. It requires less effort, right? Not to mention the fact that videos are able to share a story through sound and motion – one of the main reasons why we get hooked on TV.

A study done by comScore revealed that there was a 37% growth in online viewing in the UK from February 2009 to February 2010. Google Sites have the highest number of videos viewed. With this huge growth rate in online video viewing, we can say that video marketing is definitely a very fast growing web feature that those small businesses should take advantage of.

Okay, so you’re convinced that videos will do great things on your business. Now, how can you make one?

There’s a lot of ways to do it. You can make it yourself or call a friend to help you out if you want it the cheap way. Otherwise, you can make a small investment and just leave it to the video marketing experts.

The good thing about hiring a company that offers video services is that you will have your video made in a professional way. They also have packages that already include distribution to top video websites – that means less work for you. So, if you ask me, the fastest way to getting a good video is to hire a reputable video marketing company and just wait for the astonishing results.