Many companies are looking for a way to separate them for their competitors and one of the best ways to do this is by telling the story of the company through a visual medium. Often times pictures help relay a concept in a much more compelling way than words alone. This is where Pinterest comes into play for small businesses. Pinterest is currently one of the most interactive and visual social media platforms. Consumers use Pinterest as a search engine and a way to share ideas with friends. Pinterest is an exceptional way to influence people right at the point when they are searching for products or when they are actively wanting to share what they have found with others. Here are some tips from our social media marketing service.

1. Create Effective Content

The best way for your business to earn new customers on any social media platform is by offering exceptional content. Building content does not happen overnight, it is a process that takes time, thought, and energy. Focus on making content that is engaging and shareable. Although Pinterest is a highly visual social media channel, it’s truly the content behind the pictures which creates the sharing, pinning, and will drive new customers to your website.

2. Use Pictures

This might seem like an obvious statement, to use pictures, but you must have compelling pictures on your website and blog in order to share them on pinterest. What makes a picture stand out? Use text on your picture to help explain what is going on, and add a call to action in the description of your Pin. People remember only 20% of what they read but 80% of what they see.

3. Share On Other Networks

Allow potential customers to find you in other places such as Facebook and Twitter by sharing your Pins on those platforms. Sometimes people find you on Facebook but would like to follow you on Pinterest as well, because Pinterest allows them to organize information in such an effective way.

4. Show What You Are Selling

When consumers are looking to buy goods or services they want to visually see what they are getting. Whether it’s a before and after picture, or simply a picture of how to use your product a consumer is more likely to be influenced by seeing results than anything else.