Since 2012, when Google rolled out the Penguin update to its toolbar extension (and forever changed internet searching), business owners have been playing a virtual game of cat and mouse with the algorithms which determine the top spots on Google searches. Without even realizing it, a business owner can find himself in hot water and need a Google penalty removal service, like we provide here at ZooSEO, to help solve a problem he wasn’t even aware of.

Good Content Rules

For the last three years, content has been king in all Google searches. They are looking for content worth putting at the top and entrepreneurs are struggling to keep up with each new update and stay abreast of any algorithm changes. This emphasis on quality content creates the best possible browsing experience for internet users, but can prove to be a real challenge for business owners, particularly for entrepreneur start-ups who may inadvertently run into trouble with their website traffic. Many good business owners who are actively staying on top of customer service, quality products, and traditional marketing find themselves at a loss when their previously well-ranked website seems to tank overnight. They wake up to find their analytics are showing a 10-20% drop in traffic and they don’t even know why.

The Rules of Good Content

There are 3 reasons why a website loses traffic:

1. Google Manual Action Penalty

2. Website Crawling Errors or Issues

3. Google Algorithmic Penalty

In order to maintain a consistent traffic flow and guarantee that your website is helping drive business sales you need an expert in your corner on both sides of the algorithm; someone to craft quality content for your website and someone with experience in Google penalty removal.

If you have the help of an experienced team of content builders you’ll avoid penalties altogether and won’t need too much help to remove them, but in the event that you do, you’re going to want to contact a mentor who can help you with a complete website review and begin the removal process. Because penalties can be anything but obvious, and because most business owners want to be busy taking care of their customers; utilizing a good SEO services business can be a time and money saver for small and large businesses alike.

Content and Creativity

Good businesses are driven by good teams. It takes leadership, hard work, and up-to-date-knowledge to compete in today’s digital marketplace. When the team has enough members to accomplish the work effectively, businesses thrive. Individuals are able to focus on the most important work before them and tap into their creative genius to plan production improvements, marketing strategies, and handle customer service.

Coming up with new content for a website can be a challenge, especially when the ax of “penalties!” is hanging over your head. Finding and employing the services of an SEO marketer can help unlock the creativity of a business. They make it their job to know what people are searching for on the internet and they actively work on finding creative ways to link your content to those searches. Any business leader looking for growth will make an effort to make an SEO marketer a part of his or her team.