Social media optimization is improving your social media presence while driving people to your website through various social networks. If you are wanting to use social media outlets as a way to expand awareness of your brand, events, or products you will want to use a company that offers social media optimization services, like ZooSEO. Some of the most popular types of social media are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Search engine optimization is similar to SMO in that they both have the goal to generate traffic and get additional recognition for your website. Optimizing your social media is the process of sharing quality content and information across social networking sites to potential customers.

Does Social Media Optimization Effect Search Engine Optimization?

Social media is becoming an influential factor for search engines. When a webpage is “shared” or “liked” on social media it is viewed as a “vote” of quality for the website. Search engines are paying attention to what is being shared and where people are interacting, and they take this into account when ranking websites for search results.

Is Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization the Same Thing?

While SMO, social media optimization, and SEO, search engine optimization, are related they differ in a few ways. SMO focuses on getting traffic from alternative sources other than search engines. SMO is also very effective when targeting a specific geography, when trying to reach prospective customers. When social media optimization is done well it generates high converting traffic.

Does Social Media Optimization Cause Viral Marketing?

Effective social media optimization can ignite viral marketing. Paying attention to social trends and getting involved with social media will help your webpage get noticed by new followers and help build your online social media presence. Social media networks determine importance of information based on how many “likes”, “shares”, “re-pins”, and comments that are made. Get involved with social media by sharing quality content, engaging in relevant conversations, and keeping your information current.

The benefits of social media optimization services take time to go into effect, just like search engine optimization, to build followers and create an environment of engagement. Other topics that would be of benefit to research and study that relate to social media optimization are: online customer engagement, online identity management, and social media marketing.