There are several ways you can distribute your content online and get high search engine rankings. Three of the most popular are through text (article distribution), audio (podcast distribution), and video distribution. As online marketers, most probably, you have tried at least one of these.

These are all great methods in achieving higher rankings, but if you ask me, video distribution is my go-to method. Why?

There are three reasons why I like video distribution:

Videos create relationships and create trust

People want to see real people talking to them, not just read cold text. If you want to establish a strong connection with your clients, you need to let them know that you’re real and that the products you’re selling are tangible… And this is the role of videos. It lets your clients see if what you’re seeing is actually true. Actions do speak louder than words.

Consider this situation: You want to buy a digital camera and are weighing between two good websites that offer the same camera model to buy from. One explains the product through text and the other one has a demo video. Which one would you rather choose? Personally, I would choose the one with the demo video since I’m already seeing that the product is working well. If I only rely on text, I would be having a few doubts if all the descriptions are true.

Once you start distributing good and entertaining videos about your company and your products, you can expect an exponential growth in your business relationships – which will eventually lead to an increase in your income.

Videos are quickly absorbed

Once you submit videos to popular websites, they will quickly engage an audience. But if you’re trying to distribute articles, it will take sometime before it gets noticed. I actually tried this on my Facebook page. I posted a video and a note with the same content. I got immediate response and “likes” for the video but the article went unnoticed. This just demonstrates how powerful video is.

A lot of people find it time consuming, tiring, and quite boring to read monotonous text. Watching a video requires less effort while still giving them what they need, and all the while being entertained.

Videos are very helpful in SEO

Since videos create a lot of buzz on the Internet, online marketers can use them to build their SEO empire. Combining viral videos with SEO can create a lot of inbound links and drive quality traffic to a website.

Another thing is search engine giants such as Google prefer videos rather than text. Your webpage can make it to front page of the SERPs with just less than 10 links to a video when it will take you hundreds of links if you’re trying to get there using article distribution.

One of the best things about using video distribution is that it is already a proven method to attract customers and clients. It has been around for decades and is very well-established. If it worked on television, it will also work the same online. In fact, video marketing is now one of the best online marketing strategies today. If used wisely, this will result to tremendous growth in sales for your company.