Do you have a small business website that is being neglected. Now is a great time to take inventory of your current website and make a plan to freshen things up. Here are some website marketing tips:

Renew Your Social Media Strategy

If you don’t already have all of your social media accounts set up, then shame on you! This is a priority and needs to be done pronto. If you do have accounts already set up and linked to your website now is a good time to freshen things up. Make sure each social media account has a link back to your website in the profile. If you haven’t been posting on social media, now is the time to start. You don’t have to feel like you need to back date a million things, just start small with a post today and then set a reminder to do it again this week. Eventually you will want to make sure you are touching base with social media each day, if only for a couple of minutes. This is the best way to build a following, by posting original content, replying to comments and re-posting high quality articles. You can also hire a social media manager to create and post content for you.

Reuse Your Blog

Neglecting your business blog is easy to do. It is something that is necessary to have, but since it takes time and the benefits are sometimes hard to see it is often forgotten. This is a great time to start again. Give an update of new products or features from your company, or share a spotlight on a product. You can also reuse old blog posts and share them on social media, think about changing the name of the blog post to see if that will help spark some new interest. Blog content is one of the best ways to help the overall SEO of your website so it’s important to update it regularly by having a strong keyword strategy and sticking to it.

Clean Up Landing Pages

Go through your site and make sure it is optimize. Take a look at the user experience and continue to improve it, as this will help your overall SEO strategy. You will want to make sure that when customers come to your page that they want to stay and learn more! Go over your content marketing strategy to ensure you are optimizing your content and giving your customers the information they want.