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Is Pinterest Outsmarting Google With Guided Search?

Social media and search engines are two entirely separate animals, yet interlinking more than ever today. When a person is seeking out information on a particular topic, they will most likely turn to Google to find the content that will best answer their questions. But did you know how much a part of that picture Pinterest has become?

Pinterest began as somewhat of a scrapbooking social media website, where users could search for recipes, workouts, outfit ideas and more. Pinners could type a keyword into the search bar and Pinterest would respond with loads of eye-catching images that you could get lost in for hours. Pinterest hit the jackpot when it comes to displaying pretty pictures, and their search engine algorithm might not be too far behind.

Pinterest’s Search History: Evolving and Improving

In a sense, Pinterest’s goals are a lot like Google’s: offer the best and most relevant results for its users. While images of adorable baby animals and home décor ideas certainly entertain and inspire Pinterest users, the social media site decided to slowly harness the power of search to transform its platform.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Pinterest:

  • Pinterest is continuously adding elements that enhance its search results for users. While it was introduced in late 2013, Pinterest launched its Place Pins application for Pinners who were bit by the travel bug and want to create new adventures through pins. Pinterest offers a map board option for Pinners who are creating their journeys, and they can refer to Pinterest as they navigate through unexplored territory.
  • In June 2014, Pinterest improved its Place Pins application only a few short months after launching it. The Place Search was enhanced by showing multiple options for locations with similar names, such as Springfield, MO vs. Springfield, OH. Pinterest speculates that users will put more value in their Place Pins application by judging the relevancy of the places search results, and where the users’ intended location displays in the drop down list.
  • There are now more than one billion travel pins on Pin Places to date.
  • In April 2014, Pinterest announced its new Guided Search as a solution for offering even better results to its users. Pinterest’s guided search breaks down search queries into categories that closely relate to the subject at hand. This is particularly useful for broad searches that might have more than one right answer. Since the answers to search queries can sometimes be subjective, adding additional solutions on top of the already provided answers translates into a pretty compelling search engine.

How Pinterest Is Gaining Traction As A Search Engine

For Pinterest, the cutting edge technique of its new search algorithm is context based. While search engines like Google do their best to display the most relevant search results to its users, sometimes a simple search with a broad term just does not yield the desired results. So, how exactly can a search engine provide relevant answers, when those said answers have more than one context?

It sounds almost impossible, but Pinterest has successfully implemented a way to provide results that contain more than one correct answer. The secret lies within their new Guided Search. Now, search queries that may yield as mixed bag results on Google’s search results page are now carefully crafted into categories for pinners.

Pinterest In Action: Results That Touch Your Taste Buds

Pinterest recipes are the No. 1 reason I use this social platform at all. I love to leisure bake, and when I have a specific craving, I can specifically search and find exactly what I want — thumbing through gorgeous, mouth-watering pictures to select my favorite. Dark chocolate walnut cookies were a recent baked good I made, and the pictures in Pinterest were to die for.

If I am looking for some scrumptious cookies to bake, simply typing ‘cookies’ into Pinterest’s search bar yields an overwhelming amount of results.

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