Want to save a good 10 years off the learning curve?

Here are three questions to see if you could benefit from mentoring for your website.

1) Do you know it all now? Or do you still have SO much to learn?

If you know everything right now, you don’t need to read the rest of this article. If you DO have something to learn, you have come to the right place to help you consider the place and value of a website mentor.

Partnering with a mentor with several years of experience more than you do is a great place to start in your online business presence. Their vault of knowledge and hands-on work can greatly benefit your business. Chances are, you want to bypass years of figuring it out on your own. If so, it’s time for you to find your mentor. You do not have to be in complete agreement with everything they offer, but a little advice and guidance from someone who has been there can go a long way to saving you time and money.

2) Do you want to rise above the fluff and avoid the missteps?

Hiring a mentor does not mean you will avoid every mistake there is as you embark on your online business presence. Being a business-owner and creator is more than just your product and brand. It is about your future clients, your current work and how to improve it effectively and efficiently. It is about getting clear about short and long-term goals. Progress of your business in the world of quick connectivity is also about learning what has worked and has not worked for others.

Some areas you may not have considered in your business model can include how do you resolve conflict, or problematic clients. What do you do when someone refuses to pay you, and when should you move ahead in the hiring of employees? A mentor is one who has been through it already, who can teach you beyond behavior and impart lessons on effective mental outlook and attitude.

These are the kinds of things you cannot learn necessarily from a book or sitting in a class.

3) Do you want to start right out of the gate or limp through the first turns?

Often a business creation involves exciting ideas, sensational designs, even an extraordinary business model. But without the business “know-how” to accompany the energy and creativity behind a product, brand and service sometimes the initial take-off ends up in a crash-and-burn scenario. A mentor can help you lay out your business model with potential pitfalls in mind, with the experience of having already failed and succeeded, and the work that needs to be done by your team to move forward like a professional.

Mentors can show you the way because they have walked the path. From moving a business to profitability, managing several projects at a time and holding successful client meetings to the value of service promotion and effective marketing. It is extremely valuable to hit the ground running, straight out the gate.

The great news is that after you launch forward with the help of a mentor, and then throw some good experience into the mix, you can emerge poised to provide mentoring yourself. It hones what you are already doing, and enables others to hit the ground running as well.