You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again.  Everyone seems to be telling you that video is important to your SEO rankings.  Hey, we tell you to work on video SEO.

We’ve talked about YouTube before, how to add firepower to your videos, and more, but we thought it was time for a refresher on the big question:

Why?  Why is it so important to have videos?  What do they do for you?

Well, as you might expect, we’re going to be answering those very question here.

Why Video SEO is Important

In all honesty, the two questions are really two sides of the same question.  Video is important because it brings people to you, lets you interact with them, and in and of itself makes you more visible.

Brings People To Your Site

More and more, people go online for videos.  While this may not be quite so true when they’re looking for a product, people enjoy videos.  Having some sort of video on your site will increase traffic, and, at least as importantly, it will keep people on your site for a longer period of time.

If you have an exciting, relevant video, they may even share it with their friends, further increasing your views.  Which brings us to the second point:


If you’re thinking, “Hey, these guys have talked about interaction before.  I mean, they talk about it a lot!”, well, you might just be on to something.  We do.  Why?  Interaction is important.  And not just for improving your ranking, but for improving your relationship with both customers and people who just happened to find you alike.

Think about what a video can do that a website can’t.  Websites don’t (or shouldn’t) have moving parts.  Logos that dance are more disturbing to the eyes than anything, and gifs are just generally distracting.

But a video – now that’s powerful.  With a video, you can not only show images of your products, but you can practically talk to every visitor, face to face.  It’s your chance to tell them exactly what is awesome about your product, and how much you’re going to do for them.  And they see you, they hear you, and that near-personal contact makes a bigger impact than words on a page.

The truth is, in many ways, videos increase your online reputation, not only with search engines but especially with people who see you, not as just some company, but as someone with something valuable to say.