If you are like most of us, you spend way too much time checking out new videos on YouTube. It’s part of our social custom in this day. The influx of professional to amateur video content can be quite alluring and besides stealing our time, it also boosts our creativity.

YouTube is a great means for your brand marketing as well (see zooseo.com/services/video-marketing/ ). With the right videos, uploaded, promoted, and shared in the right way; you could build your online brand presence and generate more interaction eventually leading to conversions.

To help you get the most from this great platform, we are sharing these tools that can make a difference.

1. Download Free Content with the YTD Downloader

Find something you’d like to use in a mash-up? You can download the actual video with this tool. Be sure to always give credit to the original authors and videos you use.

2. Create Animated Gifs with Jiffy (For Google Chrome)

You’ve no doubt seen those awesome GIF images on sites like Reddit. You can make your own with the easy-to-use Gif creation extension for Chrome: Jiffy. You first choose the part you want to become a GIF, then save it and go. GIF’s can be up to fifteen seconds long, and strung together to make up a short GIF story. You may have seen this on Tumblr.

3. Monitor The Trends using YouTube Trends

When creating and promoting your own videos, you want to know what has been trending on YouTube and what is slowing climbing the ladder of exposure. These are things that can impact your own videos. You can see all of this with the trending page supplied by YouTube. See content by category, web popularity and most recent. You can see what is becoming widely watched from the get-go. It’s a great means to learn what is going on and what you’re next move could be.

4. Share Only The Best Part of the Video using TubeChop

TubeChop is a tool that allows you to share the particular part of a video that matters the most. It gives you the option to even add annotations overlaying the video. Some Google hangouts have long videos that just take up more space, leaving out the main points of what you want to discuss with more randomness. You can cut right through this and get to the point with this tool.