When you are marketing a product online a short catchy video can be the best way to inform your potential customers. You want to get the most information across in the shortest amount of time. Video is a great way to do this.

Most people would rather watch a short video than read several paragraphs of text.  Although be careful, just slapping a ten minute video together and sticking it on a website is not going to automatically make your sales sky rocket. You need to know how to put an effective video together in order to raise your conversion rates from site visitors to new customers.

Among the important things to consider is where to place your video on your webpage. Put it in the wrong place and few if any visitors will see it.  My recommendation is test test test.  Put your video on your website for two weeks and test your results.  Then move it to another place and test for another two weeks.  When you find the place where you are having the best results move it there and don’t change it.

Another recommendation that turns a lot of people off is do not have the video start automatically.  You want the video to be one of the first things to be seen when the site is visited but not just start playing out of the blue. You want to let them know there is a video and that it can be viewed right there.  You are giving the customer a choice. There are times when an auto start is advantageous, like squeeze pages and sales letters.  Again you can find out the best way just by testing testing testing.

A good video on your first page should be an introduction to your company or product. Be sure to make the invitation to see the video big and obvious so that they will not miss it. Remember to let them know it is a short video and won’t take much of their time. Keep the video no longer than a couple minutes.  Attention spans are short so do not bore your visitors with a long presentation. They need to see the video in the first few seconds on the site or they may leave.

Make your video exciting and interesting. You want it to feel like it goes faster than it does. Make those 30 seconds to a couple minutes feel like just a few seconds. If you put up the wrong content the two minute video can seem incredibly long to someone who was quickly surfing sites before coming to yours. So along with making the video prominent on the page make the video visually stimulating.

Find an appealing color scheme for the whole video. Use a nice background. Find nice graphics and fonts to use. Pay attention to each element added. It should be easy on the eyes, pleasant and enticing. If you don’t plan the video with a good format that ties it all together it can seem disjointed with changing fonts and colors, or worse dull and boring. Both will be a problem and create the wrong idea about you and your product in the customers mind. Timing and pace is also very important. Even one minute of looking at an unchanging screen shot or tool for sale will send viewers running to some other more exciting site. A video of a screen may be good on an instruction or tutorial page but not as an intro to you and your product. You need to keep the video fairly fast pace.

Your video is a form of communication and you need to communicate effectively. This means getting the most amount of info to the viewer you can in the least amount of time.

Remember video should contain sounds too. Among those sounds should be a sound track. The right sound track will make your video move right along and help hook the viewer in. Make sure the narrator has a nice enticing voice that people will trust. A good up beat song for a sound track is a good touch. Do keep any music in the background so that it does not take away from or drowned out and narration.  Remember to use Royalty free music as using copyrighted music could stop your video in the tracks and give you some headaches with a lawsuit.

Video Marketing is a great way to help your web sales increase.  Be sure to test your video, your position on your web page and keep the video short and moving.  I hope these tips will help you.