In video marketing, business owners utilize videos in promoting their product or service to potential customers online. The video they create serves as their sales pitch that provides relevant information about the product that consumers want to know. Videos are fun to watch, very compelling and informative. Most of the time, videos demonstrate how a particular product is used and the favorable results that can happen based on other people’s testimonials.

Videos play a big part in making your business profitable and noticeable to a wider audience. The more optimized your video, the more searchable it is on search engines. Thus, Video SEO is the key to making your video highly visible on search engines. After producing your video and optimizing it with the right keywords, what’s next?

Why Video Distribution is Important?

The success of a video does not end on video production and video seo alone, video distribution is another important factor that should be considered in applying video marketing to your business. You have to make sure that the videos you create are distributed to the right video sites. Video sites like Youtube, Veoh and Metacafe are just a few of the sites where you should upload your videos to. These sites are popular among online viewers and are known to be credible and appealing sites.

Although video production is essential in attracting customers, video distribution should also not be taken for granted because video distribution “exposes” your video to a larger audience and when uploaded to popular sites, the more views you can get that can drive traffic to your site and eventually generate income through purchases made by customers.

How to Distribute Your Videos

Knowing the different video distribution platforms like TubeMogul that can help you manage and distribute your videos is also crucial to the success of your business. The wider the audience you can cater, the more traffic you can get to your site.

According to Nate Hines, TubeMogul can help improve your video SEO because TubeMogul can distribute your video to multiple well-known, established web sites that are known to constantly be adding and removing new content, Google’s searching algorithms tend to pick up on your videos faster and give them a fairly generous ranking.

Finding ways to successfully distribute your videos in the fastest possible time is important in doing business online because the more popular your product is, the higher income you can possible get.