Many businesses and people have videos that they have put time and money into that are just sitting on a computer file, or sitting stagnant on Youtube with 26 views.  What can you do to turn that sitting video into some fire power and get it working for you.

Here are some things you can do to resurrect your video.

1.  Create a Catchy Title
Take a look at your video and think a little off the wall.  You want to come up with a Title that is 3 to 8 words that is catchy, unique and that will turn peoples head and make them want to see the video you have.  Look on Youtube.  Do a search on Youtube about the niche that you are in.  Filter the search to see the most viewed videos and take a look at their Titles.  Ask yourself why would someone click on that video with that title.  Begin to think about how your potential customers or viewers may look at your video and what might catch their eye.  Then write your title.   Tip:  People can see right through a sales pitch, so the more informational or funny or different it is the better.

2.  Add a “Link” into your Description
The absolutely most important part of your description is having a link to your website right at the BEGINNING of your description.  This is very important:  Full URL is required in order to make your link clickable – No-&>  – No-&> – YES–&>  There are several things that this does and the most important is that it creates a backlink to your website from a high ranking video website.  So now if only after a year you only have 26 views on your video, it’s ok because that backlink is doing more good than the views.  This will help your website rank in Google.  Now remember you really need hundreds and sometimes thousands of links to your site to help it rank but this is a great start because Google loves videos.

You don’t need a long description, (about 30 to 60 words) but here again you need to bring up something that is an ‘eye catcher’ to the viewers to make them want to see your video.  A statement of fact is better than an advertisement – remember, people see right through a sales pitch, give them some good information that they never thought about your niche or product or video.

3.  Keyword Tags
Google doesn’t really look or count the keywords that are in the meta descriptions on your website anymore, but Youtube uses the keywords to help people find your video.  So be sure to find some keywords that people might search where they can find your video.  Make sure the keywords are 20 characters or less (including spaces) and no more than 5 keywords.  Some video websites will not let you upload your video unless you are within these keyword limitations.

4.  (Re-) upload your video
If your video has been on Youtube for months to years with nothing happening,  pull it down and re-upload it to Youtube, or upload your video sitting on a computer file onto Youtube.  Use the title, description and keyword tags you have just created, then upload your video to as many video websites as you can find.  I have a beginning list below you can start out with.  If you don’t want to upload to the all of them, then upload to just the top 10 on my list below.  Having your video on multiple video sites really helps Google find your video, rank your video, and most important helps in giving you backlinks to your website.

5. Social Bookmark Your Videos
This is a part of the strategy of helping Google find your videos.  Add social bookmarks and point to the videos you just uploaded, not to your website.  1 or 2 social bookmarks will help but 10 or more would be better.  Just type into Google ‘social bookmarking’ and you will find thousands of sites that do social bookmarking.

6. Promote Your Video
Send out a message to all of your youtube friends to tell them about your new video.  Email all of your friends and ask them to go WATCH the Video and COMMENT on the video for you.  Send a message to all of your Facebook friends, ask them to view the video and comment on it.  Do the same where ever you have connections.  Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter or any other type of social gathering.  Go to blogs where questions are raised that your video answers and answer their questions and mention (don’t sell) your video that they can watch.

Final Notes:
Now everyone wants thousands to hundreds of thousands of views on their video, but the reality is 99.9% of all videos never get 1000 views.  Do a Youtube search about your niche and filter it again looking at the most views that people have in your niche.  Now what is the average video view count?  Hopefully with your catchy Title, informative Description and Promotion your video will soon be among the best viewed in your niche.  But even if it’s not, don’t worry you have your video optimized to help your website rank.

Here are 2 more things that you could do to help your video if you are looking more for rankings rather than view count.  First – on Youtube you can create closed caption (CC – Subtitles) on your video if your video has someone speaking on it.  The words from the closed caption will be used on Youtube as more keywords that people can type in to find your video on Youtube.  We are not positive about this, we are still testing this but this may also be a way where Google can pick up on the closed caption and count it as content to help your video or the website you are promoting on the video to rank.

Second – If you are trying to target a certain keyword, then have the keyword in the Title of the video.  This will help you rank in the Google Video search for that keyword.

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I hope this has been helpful,  please feel free to leave a comment or question.

Here is the list of Video Websites:

youtube metacafe myspace GrindTV Brightcove  youtube metacafe myspace GrindTV Brightcove


Plus 1000’s of more video websites.  Keep an eye out for video sites that give you click-able links then upload there.