Article marketing is one of the popular marketing strategies mostly employed by business owners in promoting their products or services online. They write about topics that are related to their respective industry then include a link on the author’s bio or resource box and distribute the articles to article directories. This can be an effective online marketing strategy considering the number of people who can possibly read their articles, click on their link and be redirected to their website that introduces the product or services they are offering. But how about if you, as a business owner, will turn your articles into videos. Would it be more convincing and productive? Definitely YES!

“Video is hot, and because consumers are in love with it, it is the future of the Internet, it has become the next wave – obviously the guys at Google are no dummies, they have programmed its spiders to give consumers what they want.” –

Videos are well-loved by online audience because they are fun to watch, full of information and truly compelling. In the US, more than 80% of internet users watch videos everyday. This indicates that people would rather watch and listen to a video introducing a product than reading information about that product. Even on YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine and a very popular video website, estimates of 12 billion videos per month are viewed on this video distribution site.

According to digital buzz blog, an average person watches 182 online videos per month and YouTube alone serves 1 billion videos per day. That’s quite huge and is a clear indication that videos are a big hit among an online audience. So, business owners should really take into consideration turning their articles into videos! Articles still play an important role in marketing your product but if you want your product to gain popularity faster and reach out to a bigger online audience then you should turn your articles into videos.

“Video is the most engaging medium available.” – slideshare

Videos are very engaging and appear to be very credible to potential customers because business owners can include testimonials of their regular customers confirming the trustworthiness of their products or services. This can be a huge advantage for them to make their brand known in the market and can eventually make their business grow bigger and faster. Unlike articles, videos can demonstrate to the audience how their products are used and what the customers can expect after using their products or employing the services their company are offering.

Turning your articles into videos can lead to greater benefits and more positive results to the growth and popularity of your business. Start creating videos now and see the difference it can do to the success of your company.