Videos are not only popular in convincing customers to purchase a product but can also be used by companies in training their employees particularly those who are recently hired. New employees can learn the tasks that are assigned to them and can be educated about the company’s background through training videos.

“Training videos are an excellent training tool for businesses looking for customer service and sales skills, safety training, team building, and every other type of training you could possibly think of. Training videos provide the ultimate in versatility for the employer.”- Bob Hett

Why Use Video To Train Employees

Using videos to train employees are useful and very convenient to both the employee and employers. Employers can train new employees as a group so they don’t have to repeat every point they want to stress out and for sure training is consistent and the same for all employees. For employees, being trained through videos can help them understand better the tasks to be done because it will be demonstrated on the video.

Training through videos is also cost effective because videos prepared by the company can be used over and over. They are usually available in different formats and can be played in any operating system. Companies do not need to hire trainers because they can just store the training videos on their library and use it when needed. Employees can also borrow the videos, watch it again or learn at their own pace.

Videos are Great Learning Tools

Larry Chee is right in saying that videos are the most powerful communicative tools in history. Video allows the trainer to communicate his message quickly and effectively, while holding the learners’ interest. He further stressed that video presents standardized information for every viewer, every time. This is especially important in training applications, because it allows the viewer to go back over areas they missed.

Videos are fun to watch and people are more interested to watch videos that demonstrate the things that they should learn than to listen to a speaker explain things without showing how they are done. Companies can save money and time through training their employees using videos they created because video can be stored for a long time and can be made available when needed.