If you are wanting to jump start you social media for small business, here are some social media marketing tips:

How often should I post on social media?

The question of how often you should post on social media really depends on the platform that you are using. People use social media for different reasons and in different ways, knowing the platform and consumer habits will help you utilize social media to it’s fullest. This is a good rule of thumb for the different platforms:

  • Facebook – Start with posting only one or two times per day, as your facebook popularity increases so can your posts. The best time to post on facebook is between 1-4 pm each day. People tend to be on this platform in the afternoon.
  • Instagram – You will also only want to post one or two times a day. You don’t not want to plug up your customers feed with posting too many photos, people can become annoyed. Timing doesn’t matter as much with this one because most people go through each picture that is posted on their feed.
  • Pinterest – You can post ten or more posts a day and be ok on Pinterest. Remember to make a good mix of original content you are posting from your business, such as links to blogs and product, while adding in pins from other related information. Posting during the evening hours 5-11pm and Saturday mornings are most effective.
  • Twitter – On Twitter you can do about 5 posts a day, or even more as you are interacting with others. This platform is most effective when done between 1-3 pm.

What should I post on social media?

Having to post something new everyday on social media can become quite the task. Don’t fret, there are some good systems to help coming up with content. Here’s a list of things you can post about, and also you can recycle old content that you already have:

  • Tips
  • Behind the scenes
  • Questions
  • Quotes
  • Facts
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Testimonials
  • Links to your blog posts
  • Discount offers

One Last Thing

Remember social media is meant for interaction, and it’s a two way street. Don’t just post something and then forget it, make sure you respond to questions and interact with your customers.