As mentioned on my previous blog, a video script plays an important part in the success of your video and your business as a whole. The video script should be well-written and should be compelling enough to convince online audience to try your products or employ your services. Without a good script, the images displayed on your videos would be useless since viewers will most likely exit your site upon hearing a dull script.

Creating a great video script is not easy. It involves creative thinking and careful planning. To help you make your own video script, here are some tips you can use and apply in making your own video script for the videos you will produce.

1.) Plan well and accept opinions by others.

– Like any other businesses, careful planning is important. In producing videos, it is essential to carefully plan what you want to incorporate on your videos and what words you will use to blend with the images you will have for your video. Ask opinions and ideas from family or friends and integrate them with your own.

2.) Focus on your target audience.

– Know who your target audience is and make sure that you are able to reach out to them and relay the message that your video is especially created for them.

3.) Visualize your plan for the video before writing the script.

– Think about the images you will use and base your script on them. You should also consider how long your video will be and make sure the length of your script suits the time allocation for your video. As a simple rule about 150 words equals 1 minute of video. Keep in mind that your video should be 2 minutes or less to avoid boring the audience.

4.) Inform your viewers on what they can expect

– At the start of your script, you should right away inform your viewers of what they can expect from your company and from the product or services you are offering. Mention the benefits they can get from you and your brand.

5.) Make your script compelling and interesting

– Learn to use words that will make audience excited and thrilled to learn more about what you are offering. These words should be delivered in a way that is enthralling instead of boring.

6.) “KISS – Keep it short and simple” – Monique Martin

– Like what other video experts say, you should keep your video including your script short and simple. Avoid using complex wordings or too technical words that will bore or confuse the viewers.

7.) Include a “call to action” before you end.

– It is vital that you include a “call to action” at the end part of your script. You can tell your buyers “Grab a copy now” or something similar to it. It should instruct viewers on what to do next and this is usually the part where you tell them to make a “move” and try your product right away.

Videos are important for promoting a business, thus, in creating them you should make sure to come up with a great (if not perfect) video script that will help convince a lot of potential buyers to try your product or service which can lead to more profits to your business.