Videos are now widely utilized by many people for different purposes and goals. Most videos are created for promoting a new song or advertising a product to a wider audience. It is way much easier and faster to reach out to potential customers by uploading videos online, posting them on your website or submitting them to video submission sites.

“Recent studies have shown that 77% of internet users view online video, the average of those watching approximately 6 hours each. This growing awareness, acceptance and perhaps even an expectation of online video content by viewers makes video even more important to a company’s marketing now more than ever.” –

Videos are also utilized to share information to other people and even train new employees of a company. Through videos, all new employees will learn the same thing because an orientation or training video can be stored and used to train future employees.

Aside from promotion and training purposes, videos are employed to teach other people a particular learning matter or subject. Like for example, distant learning schools teach their students different lessons by creating and sending videos online. The videos can be sent to many students and students can learn the subject matter more conveniently. Even on a school setting, some teachers produce a video in teaching students because they are aware that students are more attentive and interested in learning a lesson through an instructional or educational video.

“Video taps into emotions which stimulate and enthrall students, and it provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address the curricular concepts.” – Lori Griffin

Aside from stimulating the students to listen and learn, videos also help students understand the lessons faster and learn the skills needed easier. They won’t have so much difficulty in receiving the information taught on the video and instead will focus on learning the skills expected for them to learn.

“The clearer the message of a video, the less cognitive load it will require from students who are trying to make sense out of it, and the more brainpower they will have left to process and internalize the skills being taught. “- Mayer and Moreno

Videos are truly fun, interesting, effective and can keep boredom away. It is a great tool in teaching and imparting skills and information to other people because it can hold their attention for a long time.