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I already know what I want to sell online, so why do I need to know about affiliate marketing?

Even if you already know what you want to sell, you can make additional income using affiliate marketing. Choosing an affiliate that will appeal to your visitors is the key to success with affiliate marketing.

If you do already know what you plan to sell online, then you can easily identify your target audience and determine the keywords and phrases they type into the search engine to find you. (We will cover how to do this in later chapters)

You can then choose affiliates that do not compete with your products and services, but who target the same web visitors that you target. This way, you are choosing to promote affiliates that your visitors will be interested in. That means your affiliate marketing program will make you money.

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I haven’t decided what type of online marketing I will be doing or what type of product or service I want to sell.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making money on the Internet.

You make commissions on what you sell or get paid for how the visitors you send to the website perform, such as if they signed up for the affiliate’s newsletter or became a member. So you do not have to buy products and then resell those products. This makes your investment in starting an online business smaller.

The affiliate collects the money from the customer, then pays you. That eliminates the need for you to purchase shopping cart software, pay for an online credit card processing service and deal with charge backs and other problems associated with online sales.

How do I get started with Affiliate Marketing?

1. Find the affiliate or Affiliates you want to promote. You can choose to promote just one affiliate or several. If you choose just one, your efforts will be more focused and your conversion rate will be higher. (Conversion rate = The number of times you make money from the affiliate VS the number of visitors you send to their website.)

Warning; Avoid Internet marketing programs or Affiliate programs that tell you that you do not need to worry about SEO, ranking in search engines and those that tell you there will be little or no work at all to be successful with their program.

If you choose to promote more than one affiliate, they all need to be similar so they each target the same audience. Click here to see an example. In the example, all of the affiliates are about stress relief techniques. So the owner of that website gives his or her visitors four choices and no matter which one they choose, he or she makes money.

You can choose any topic you want, but all of the affiliate programs you promote should be related to the same target audience so you can focus your marketing efforts more efficiently.

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