In Successful SEO Strategy, Chapter 1, I set the stage by letting you know what the series will be about. In Successful SEO Strategy, Chapter 2, we will be discussing the planning stages of creating an online business.

Creating an Online Business

If you have already started your online business, you should still read this chapter to see if there is anything you can still use. I’m starting this series at the very beginning so we can cover everything you need to do to own a successful online business.

1. Figure out what you plan to sell; That may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the number of people who just start out knowing they want to make money on the web but do not have a clue as to how they are going to do that.

Unfortunately, many of these people fall for the first get rich quick scheme they find. They type things like; make money online, work at home, make easy money, etc. and end up on some network marketing site that promises them riches beyond their wildest dreams and that they won’t have to do any work at all or can just dabble in it part time and make tons of money.

These “money making gurus” will even have pictures of themselves next to a Ferrari with a bunch of pretty girls by their side. There will be testimonials from “actual users of the system” that say they each made thousands of dollars in just their first week or month using this amazing money-making system.

If you are the type of person that believes that there is a system where you can make thousands of dollars online without doing any work then you can stop reading my series on how to be successful on the web right now. Seriously, if you believe in those programs, leave now. Go away. This series is not for you and you lack the intelligence it requires to be successful on the web.

I know that sounds harsh, but people who sign up for these systems are a waste of my time. They are not ready to run a real online business. They still think they will make money by doing nothing.

There is no system, no magic pill, no Google secret, no shortcut and no Guru with a magic formula to make you rich using the web. Don’t be Jack of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.  Don’t by the magic beans and don’t believe the hype.

Also you will get emails or find so-called SEO websites that promise you top 10 rankings in Google in just 30 days. Again, do not believe the hype. No one can promise you top rankings in Google for any competitive key phrase in 30 days.

Maybe they can make up a word like goglinheimertrip and rank you for that. of course no one is searching for that word, so it won’t help you, but they will have kept their promise to get you a top 10 ranking in Google in just 30 days.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Making money online is not easy. It will require work on your part. It will take up some or maybe a lot of your time. You will have to invest money in your project.

The less time you want to spend on your project, the more money you will have to invest in your online business. You will have to hire someone to do all of the things you cannot or will not do yourself.

Let’s summarize this;

1. If you believe you can make money with a system, secret, or shortcut, you are not ready to do business online.

2. If you believe that running an online business won’t require you to make an investment of your time or money, you are not ready to run an online business.

3. If you believe it will not require any work on your part, you are not ready to run an online business.

4. If you are willing to put some work into it and you are willing to invest at least some money into it, then you might be ready to own your own online business.

There are proven methods and SEO strategies that will help you succeed on the web. I just want you to know the facts and want to help you avoid some of the traps that will waste your time and money.

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