I’m starting a series of blog posts here because there are so many myths about SEO and people need to know what is really going on and how they can really be successful on the web.

If you go out and read 10 blog posts about the best SEO techniques, you will get a number of different opinions from different people. If you read 10 blog posts about link building, you will get 10 different opinions. Well maybe not 10, because at least 3 of those blogs will just be repeating what they read on someone else’s blog.

The SEO business can be very lucrative. So a lot of people decide to start an SEO business. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have a clue as to how to provide quality SEO services. They read a few blogs or eBooks and declare themselves experts.

Then clients searching to hire someone to help them with their SEO don’t know the difference and many times choose someone who does not know how to do the job they need done.

You will also see a lot of blog posts on the topic; How to choose an SEO company or What should you look for in an SEO company, etc. The funny thing is that each of these posts is written by someone who provides SEO services. And all of the things they recommend as proof someone is a legitimate SEO company just happen to be all of the things they provide.

So since I provide Video marketing services and Video SEO, I could write a blog post and say that anyone who does not provide Video SEO services is not a legitimate SEO company. It wouldn’t make it true. But some readers might believe it and think I run a legitimate SEO company just because I provide Video SEO services.

So, don’t believe those posts that claim to be able to tell you how to choose a good SEO company seriously. They are self-serving blog posts to promote their own business.

In this series about how to create an effective SEO strategy, I will be talking about the best methods to achieve specific goals. I will not be telling you how to choose the best SEO company. However, if you know the methods that should be used, then you can make a more informed choice as to who you want to provide those services.

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