Every small business no matter what size is in need of a social media strategy. Just as in days past when every company needed a website, now every company needs to be engaging customers where they are, on social media. It can feel very overwhelming when trying to tackle social media. There are so many platforms, so much engagement, it can be a bit intimidating. Often times it makes sense for your company to hire social media optimization services. Here are some tips to simplifying your social media strategy:

Know Your Audience

Setting a goal of who you want to reach will be the most helpful thing you can do when beginning a social media campaign. Who are your customers? And what do they want to know about? Social media is very little about advertising and more about engaging and educating clients and potential customers. Don’t spend your whole time “selling” your stuff, but use social media to share what you know and find ways to be useful to your audience, this is what will keep them coming back.

Create A Calendar

One of the most important things about social media is being consistent. Plan each month out with what you want to post. This is probably the most time consuming of the whole process, but it doesn’t need to be. You will want to schedule posts at least a few times a week, and increase this amount as your social presence and engagement grows. You can break down your month by weeks, and days. For example, you can post original blog posts on Monday and Thursday, and share helpful tips on Tuesdays, followed by sharing relevant third-party content on Wednesdays, while using Fridays for something funny or helpful. Using themes each week is also a good idea to stay focused and a great way to come up with content.

Be Efficient

There are new social media platforms that are springing up everyday. You do not need to be everywhere at once. Start with the platforms that make the most sense for your business, look to find where competitors are doing well and where potential customer and clients might be looking. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus make a lot of sense for most companies, along with Pinterest and Instagram. Start with one, and share that information on other platforms. Once you have mastered one platform look for ways to optimize the others. Being consistent and responsive is the key to growing your business through social media.