If you run a small business but social media isn’t your thing, then there are a few things you need to know about using social media. One of the best things you can do is enroll social media marketing services from ZooSeo, to help you start out. Social media doesn’t need to be complicated, here are a few solid tips to get you on your way.

You Don’t Have To Be Everywhere

This might seem counterintuitive, but you really don’t need a presence on every single social media platform. Choose the platforms that make sense for your business, go where your customers are. Figure out what your client’s demographics are and where they’re spending their online time, and you follow suit. If the majority of your clients are women between the ages of 30-50 than your best bet is going to be Facebook, but if you have a younger crowd then you should get familiar with SnapChat. It’s also important to note that things change over time. What used to be hip five years ago, is now “so five years ago”. If you are unsure where you should be, try a few different ones and see what one feels right for your business.

Mix It Up

Don’t start using social media as a way to advertise strictly for your business. This really turns off potential clients. It is ok to use it to help inform people of what is going on, but you should mix it up between informative posts, funny memes, and advertising specials for your company. Make sure you stay active on your accounts so that people know they can reach out to you there, but don’t over do it, no one likes spam.

Be Real, But Be Professional

People like to feel like they are actually interacting with a real live person on social media, so take the time to interact with your followers. Avoid being spammy by reaching out too much, and whatever you do keep things professional. Don’t engage in political or religious debates, unless of course that is your business. Keep things light, and don’t use profanity, as this will do more to offend people than make them think you’re “cool”.