As marketing throughout the web has rapidly increased and becomes more and more creative, small businesses are always looking for optimization, which means the best avenue for their online branding and presence. When it comes to Internet marketing, a common matter is which is superior: search engine optimization (SEO) or social media optimization (SMO)? Here are 5 ways that SEO and SMO meet and end up having more commonalities than differences, and those shared traits can help you decide that it does not have to be either/or.


1. Content quality is the center of each.

If your output is rubbish and belongs in the bin, it won’t circulate through organic links or merit the traffic desired, and it won’t build your SEO or SMO presence. Always provide something pertinent and worthwhile. You want people to “tweet,” “like,” “share,” and most definitely click, so make it worth the time to do so.


2. Consistency and success go hand in hand.

Tying closely with quality of content, consistency is about going further. Quick results are in reach as you play the system, but long-term success is built as companies offer innovation and creativity through consistent quality. It’s one thing to offer a burst of effective promotion, but dying down on it can dim the light considerable on your influence. Sometimes being the first to do something creates a bright future in your niche, but you can overcome that with a consistent, reliable presence and extend your reach simply by that. You will be successful both in SEO and SMO through this approach.


3. Enhance with-in and with-out.

Within your website, grow your SEO traffic through easy to read titles and subheadings combined with adequate keywords. This, in turn, moves your link-building in the right direction. Many have also found increased traffic highlighting a guest blog writer. This lends to content that people want to share through social media.


4. They each involve trust.

User-confidence in your site can improve rankings in search engines and as traffic increases it can lead to more . In SEO a site’s trust can increase search engine rankings and traffic over time because trust can lead to more organic backlinks. Each organic link contributes automatically to rank increase simply by doing nothing other than providing quality content and keeping it up to date.


5. Both can sprout and grow key relationships.

Rankings in the search engine world as well as social media can provide fertile ground for sprouting relationships. Bloggers and businesses are found when people are searching for something, and your growing list of contacts build into beneficial associations. This is great fodder for professional networking. And then social media expands that by opening up your referral base with the simplicity of introductions to people through its sharing platform.


The complementary nature of SEO and SMO can make your business presence reach farther when both effectively utilized. It’s a great time to count the blessings of online marketing and move forward in the partnership with SEO and SMO to grow your business.