SEO and Reputation

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between SEO and reputation management, you’re not alone.

In managing your online presence, there are two main categories to consider; namely, SEO and Reputation.  To most people, they can seem quite similar, and in fact, they do cover many of the same areas.  Both, for example, often deal with ranking on major search engines.  This is hardly surprising in the case of Search Engine Optimization.  Both deal with content and links on your page.  And both have a great deal to do with public relations.

The Differences in SEO and Reputation Campaigns

Despite their similarities,  working with SEO and Reputation Management requires a different skill set and respond to different things.

For example, if your page is slipping in search rankings while rival companies increase, you’re going to want to go the SEO route.  After all, your reputation isn’t at risk,  just your site traffic.  SEO covers most things that deal with rankings, keywords, and so forth.

On the other hand, reputation management is far more concerned with, obviously, your reputation.  It used to be easier to respond when bad reviews and scandals broke out; respond to people, don’t make a huge fuss, and they would generally fade.  However, with the advent of search engines, such bad press doesn’t leave.  As the popular phrase states, “The internet is forever.”  And if you don’t watch your rankings, such bad news can be the first thing people hear about you or your company for years on end.

In the end, both improve your public standing and both can be used to help your search results be positive.  Either can be used to pre-empt bad press or to refresh your image, if you use them properly.  The difference, therefore, can essentially be boiled down to this:  SEO campaigns build up your company and website and make them more visible, while Reputation Management campaigns monitor search results and suppress the less favorable ones.

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