If you are trying to find ways to improve your overall SEO strategy and are looking for some ideas here are a few search engine optimization marketing tips.

Do these things to improve the SEO on your website:

  • Do link to other pages in your site. This allows search engines to crawl your website and index other pages on your website.

  • Do make your home page easily accessible from anywhere on the site. You want your homepage to be user friendly.

  • Do spend time on the layout of your website. Make sure it is laid out in a clear and easy to navigate manner.

  • Do make sure there is a search box to allow users to easily find the information they are looking for.

  • Do create accurate tags and filenames for each type of media on your website. You want the search engine to be able to crawl your website and know what the user will see.

  • Do have proper URL’s for each page on your website that gives a simple description of the content.

  • Do have fresh and high quality content on your website. You want your users to share your content with others.

  • Do make sharing content easy through your social media channels.

  • Do make your website mobile friendly.

Avoid the following things to improve the SEO on your website:

  • Don’t overload the home page with links to every page on your site. This will clutter the homepage and create confusion for the user.

  • Don’t hide pages on your site. Use normal navigation to lead the user deeper into your website.

  • Don’t overload your drop down menu with pages. This takes away from ease of function of your site.

  • Don’t buy backlinks to your website.

  • Don’t allow your webpages to take a long time to load.

  • Don’t ignore the look and feel of your website. Professional and clean does much more for the user than an overwhelming amount of information.

  • Don’t overload your website with advertisements.

  • Don’t plagiarize by copying and pasting content from other sites.

Search engine optimization takes time. Not only does it take time, it also is important to know what to do and what not to do. Search engine optimization marketing can help you meet your SEO goals of your website.