Link building is a key way to build your brand rankings. However, the bad link building days of the past have haunted many a business as they work to get rid of all those bad links. Helping you through a disavow of your inferior links is one of our Google penalty removal services here at ZooSEO.

Some may ask the question: Is it too late to disavow these bad links when they already show up in Webmaster tools? While we don’t want to say it’s ever too late, the fact is, disavowing as soon as you can helps you move on to more important aspects of your brand building.

Google: Disavow Bad Links Early & Move On

It is now two years since Google launched their link disavow tool and the questions about it do not stop.

Someone asked Google’s John Mueller on Twitter “if you disavow before links appear in WMT (by using ahrefs), will they still count against you?”

Truth is, Google may still show disavowed links within your link report in Google Webmaster Tools even if they are disavowed. If you disavow them, the links won’t count but they still may show up in the reporting tool.

John Mueller said in his response:

“WMT is just a reporting tool; disavowing bad links early lets you move on, but most sites have more important issues.”

I agree, it typically makes sense to disavow early because if your rankings are good now, disavowing NEW bad links shouldn’t have a negative impact on your rankings. But if you are too late, you may end up disavowing OLD GOOD links, which can have a negative impact on your rankings.

It is much easier to be proactive when using the disavow tool then to do it after a penalty.

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