Pinterest is becoming a powerful marketing tool for many companies. The beauty of Pinterest is that if you do it right for your business people will freely share your company’s information and it can even go viral. Here are three site mentoring tips on how to get started with marketing your business on Pinterest:

1. Pin a Variety of Informational Articles, Memes, and Pictures

Do not only pin your own company’s information. If you want people to follow your Pinterest boards they need to be interesting, not just one big advertisement. The rule of thumb is to have 5 boards of things your potential customers can relate to full of good articles about your industry, 5 boards that your customers are looking for that are hard to find, and 2 boards about your company. The two boards about your company can be your blog posts and product information.

2. Pinterest Has SEO Influence

Because of the viral nature of Pinterest it can have a very positive effect on your overall SEO. Make sure to use good keywords in a natural way in your about me section. Also, make sure your Pinterest url is either your company name or something closely related to what you do. If you are a wedding planner, make sure it has the word wedding in it, so people can find you when they are searching. Make sure the photos you upload have good names, including your logo, although other people don’t see the title of your uploaded photo, Pinterest does and this makes a difference. Another great tips is to make sure you use searchable names that make sense for your boards. You can also add keywords when repinning other people’s content that will actually help you get followers!

3. Reuse Content

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you have a good blog article that you posted last year but didn’t see much action on, it’s a great idea to repin that same blog post with a new picture. This strategy is one of the best ways to test to see what pictures work best to drive people to your website using Pinterest.