As we’ve said before, at ZooSEO, we believe that the best way to expand your SEO influence is to expand your base of operations.  The more resources you use and the more interaction you have with your consumers, the greater increases you’ll see in SEO and the better staying power you’ll have.  So while things like Instagram contests and connecting on Twitter or gathering opinions on Facebook are important, don’t leave out other social media in your quest for SEO excellence.  And one site in particular that you should be utilizing strongly is Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic

Utilizing Pinterest will generate traffic and interest for your business.

For anyone who may not know, Pinterest is an online digital cork board where you can store ideas, recipes, articles, and pictures that interest you.  Others can see, share, and collect these “pins” for themselves.  You can also make pins to share your ideas or interests with others.  As of October 2013, Pinterest had 700 million users, about 500,000 of which were businesses.  It’s only 3 years old, and yet is indisputably one of the top-ranking social media sites in the world.

And how does this interest you?  Consider this:

  • In September 2013, 3.68% of traffic to publishers came from Pinterest traffic.  The only higher percentage from social media came from Facebook at 10%, and Pinterest’s input was greater than that from Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google+ combined.
  • Compared to the previous year, web traffic from Pinterest increased by 66.52%, a greater increase than any other social platform.
  • Over the past year, revenue increase per visitor from Pinterest has grown by 150%, coming to about $0.55 per click.
  • When they do buy, Pinterest users tend to spend more.  Stats show that Pinterest shoppers spend an average of $140 to $180 per order, compared to $80 and $60 from Facebook and Twitter respectively.

And here are some other reasons to pay close attention to what Pinterest is doing, and will be doing in the future.

With their new “Place Pins,” Pinterest allows their users to add locations to their pins.  While this is definitely a bonus for travelers, one intended offshoot of this new development is an increase in Pinterest traffic to local businesses.

Last week, Pinterest announced that it is releasing APIs to a few select companies and sites, among them AllRecipes, BuzzFeed, Target, Zappos, and ModCloth.  This will allow visitors to these sites to see the most pinned items or articles, and will give the sites a better idea of what’s being pinned and where.

Pinterest knows its power to push sales; it’s been strongly proven and only continues to increase.  Don’t ignore this extremely valuable marketing tool – social media will continue to be a strong influence in your customers’ eyes, and will drive ever increasing traffic to you.  And beyond a doubt, Pinterest traffic is going to be a major factor in this trend.