SEO Help

Owning a business these days can seem overwhelming with all the options for online and offline marketing. Sometimes it’s confusing to know just how to build of your business and increase your exposure. To stay competitive, you have to learn how to build your brand online as well as off. One of the first things to understand about online brand building is to learn the difference between growing your website and business organically online or inorganically (unnaturally). Which one is better and which one will bring you the best or fastest results? Let’s talk about this.

By definition organic SEO is the process of ranking a website naturally. This is by using the free listing of search engines and optimizing your website, social media branding, etc. These are all basically free, except for your time and research, of course. Recent statistics show that people who search on Google visit the natural listings (versus the paid ones); therefore, a natural SEO strategy appears to be a more solid method of online advertising, in terms of generating traffic to a particular website. Promoting your online Brand organically, which is a much longer process, will in fact ensure more exposure and longevity to specific topics and keyword searches. Blogging has developed into one of the best ways to affect search results and keep customers.

On the other hand, inorganic SEO tactics are basically using extra, non-free measures to boost your website or keywords. This could be from signing up for automated systems to generate backlinks, paying for likes & followers on social media, and “pay-per-click” advertising which is the most common unnatural method of online brand awareness. Also referral links, banner advertising, etc are considered inorganic advertising as well. The upside of this advertising being that pay-per-click offers immediate results. In order to further provide SEO Help, here are some tactics to consider:

Main inorganic SEO tactics:

  • Referral Links
  • Pay per click
  • Banner Advertising
  • Spam or Automated Backlinking
  • Main organic SEO tactics:
  • Blogging with Authorship
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Social Media Engagement with your Brand
  • Brand Video Production & Distribution

Depending on if you want the quickest results or if you are going for a longer lasting more steady online brand growth, you can choose what method suits you. Google however, is cracking down on spam links, keyword stuffing, unrelated anchor texts, improperly formatted follow links, blog rolls, directory links and more, so be careful of inorganic tactics that can lead to Google penalties. If you’d like to have your business website analyzed and develop an online brand building strategy that works best for you, contact us here at ZooSEO and we offer consultations for SEO help.