We’re now on our third type of online video for business: the educational video.

In my previous two posts, I’ve discussed two of the more important videos which are viral videos and conversion videos. Viral videos bring main purpose is to increase traffic to your website while the role of conversion videos is to help you realize your goals in marketing.

Educational video is not as commonly used as the other two types. In fact, they are not as noticeable as the other two videos when it comes to the location in the website. Oftentimes, you won’t find them on the homepage.

But why are they important? Why do you need to add educational videos to your website?

According to Danny Sevitt, “educational videos can help you achieve multiple goals without detracting from the video’s success”. Unlike in conversion videos where you have to focus on a single goal, educational videos allow you to focus on other achievements aside from selling your product or taking information from your viewers.

The main purpose of producing an educational video is to educate your viewers. They are usually designed to promote clarity and prevent customer confusion. And although you are not directly persuading your viewers to buy your product right at the moment, you are establishing credibility and trust that will help your business grow in the long run.

According to Sevitt:

“Visitors to your site who move beyond the landing page and begin to delve deeper into everything your site has to offer may be looking for more information. We know that video is an excellent medium for distilling information and enquiring visitors can find much to satisfy their curiosity in a well made video.”

Having a well-made video will set you apart from your competitors. You can make yourself an expert in a certain sphere in your market that other people are failing to do well. “If a visitor learns everything he needs from you, he’s more likely to come back when he’s ready to become a consumer,” says Sevitt.

Another good thing about having an educational video is that it provides less pressure on your customer service team. You can discuss your business in a more detailed manner in the video such that you are able to answer possible questions or FAQs that your viewers might have. This way, instead of having the pains to look for a customer service representative, they would just sit back and relax in front of the computer monitors enjoying your video.

Sometimes viewers who might have an interest in your product decide to change their minds about buying because they have concerns on the product. A lot of them would prefer not calling the customer service due to previous bad experiences or whatsoever. But with a video readily available to explain their concerns to them, they would regain confidence and finally press the “Buy” button.

How effective is an educational video?

According to Sevitt, an educational video may be one of the hardest types of video to manage in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). They require a higher production cost as compared to viral videos and conversion videos mainly because of their length and content.

You can measure the success of an educational video on the length of time spent by your viewers watching the video. You can also look at how many chapters of your video were viewed.

You can also measure your video’s success based on the number of people calling your customer service team. If, for example, your aim is to reduce people calling your customer service and you’re looking at a significant decrease in callers, then your video is successful.