You might not want to wait until you receive an unnatural link warning or a penalty from Google; spammy and unrelated backlinks could be costing you a diminishing of online exposure, leading to loss of revenue if you don’t take care of them. At ZooSEO, we can help you by providing Google penalty removal mentoring and doing some of this work for you as well, if needed.

Basically, if you don’t want the performance of your website to be compromised; you might consider two types of backlink removals:

1. Major Backlink Overhaul

2. Gradual Backlink Updating and Monitoring

Along with removing backlinks, it is also a good idea to follow up with several fresh good links. We recommend choosing a major backlink cleanup if you meet either of these two circumstances:

  • You have gotten an unnatural links warning or a manual penalty
  • Your rankings have dropped or declined and you think you might have an algorithmic penalty

Just like cleaning your home after a flood, a major backlink overhaul is a lot of work and fixes a lot of backlink mess. Similarly, gradual backlink updating can be compared to your typical home-cleaning and maintenance. We recommend opting for a gradual backlink upkeep when you find that:

  • Your backlinks are spammy – some paid links like a time bomb waiting to go off
  • You plan on conducting a backlink audit.

Major Backlink Overhauls

  • You’ve gotten a Warning or a Manual Penalty

If Google has warned you that it is time for a cleanup, then it’s really is time to get it done.

Typically, Google distributes 2 types of penalties: algorithmic and manual penalties. They will usually tell you if your website has a manual penalty because of unnatural links.

If you get a manual penalty and then do not administer a backlink cleanup, including the filing of reconsideration requests, your website might eventually fall out of the Google search results. Conducting a major backlink overhaul can prevent this.

  • Your Website Ranking Have Dropped or Been Declining

You might not get a warning or penalty; you might just notice that your rankings are continually slipping. This could be a result of an algorithmic penalty.

An algorithmic penalty can take place and an impromptu result of Google updating their algorithm, like Google Penguin and Panda. It might take some guess work to conclude if this is what has affected your website, but the first big hint is your search audience dropping.

If you’ve determined that you are experiences an algorithmic penalty of your website; you’ll want to discover if you’ve been affected by Penguin or Panda. A backlink cleanup might not do much if you’ve been hit by Panda; however, updating your web-page content and element may help. A major backlink overhaul would clearly be in order if you are hit by Penguin.

By looking at your analytics data, you can match up the drop in your organic traffic with the dates of the Google algorithmic changes. This can help you determine which algorithm your site is being hit with the most.

If, by chance, you can’t tell which algorithm you’ve been hit with, it’s possible that your rankings have dropped simply because your competitors have been doing a fine job. In cases like this, it’s imperative to keep building good quality links and keep your irreverent and spammy backlinks cleaned up.

Gradual Backlink Updating and Monitoring

  • You Have Spammy Backlinks Paid Link Time Bomb Waiting To Blow…

There really are no guarantee’s with Google, so it is always wise to get your backlinks cleaned up and keep them that way before Google get’s on to you.

It’s best to be proactive yet not overly aggressive. Don’t wait until your few bad backlinks are discovered and devalued. If you are aware that your site is just waiting for a manual penalty to happen, begin a gradual backlink update. Be sure not to remove all of your links in question at the same time, as they may still be part of your website’s ranking in the SERPs. Removing too many links in one setting might make you lose valuable search traffic.

We recommend removing 5 to 8 of your links in question at the same time. No more than ten links removed at once. Then, be replacing them with high-quality good links.

  • You Plan on Conducting a Backlink Audit

If you don’t know where you stand with your backlinks, you may want to find out. You may want to consider doing a backlink audit anyway; especially as you begin a new link building campaign. This is a good time to begin a gradual backlink update and monitoring.

Running a backlink report before any new campaign can help you see where your site links already are. You will be able to see what anchor texts have been previously used. This can help you calculate how your future links you build will work naturally, with links that are already driving traffic to your website. It’s good to note if you have backlinks out there that are doing more damage than good, as well.