From the Horse’s Mouth

If you happen to frequent any one of the SEO forums out there, big news and big rumors are flying about Matt Cutts, Googles spokesperson in regard to SEO and site development for more than 15 years. However, at this point, everything is just speculation.

According to Matt Cutts, coming directly from his official blog, he is just taking a long leave of absence. Through October to be precise. Here is a short excerpt:

“I wanted to let folks know that I’m about to take a few months of leave. When I joined Google, my wife and I agreed that I would work for 4-5 years, and then she’d get to see more of me. I talked about this as recently as last month and as early as 2006. And now, almost fifteen years later I’d like to be there for my wife more. I know she’d like me to be around more too, and not just physically present while my mind is still on work.

So we’re going to take some time off for a few months. My leave starts next week. Currently I’m scheduled to be gone through October. Thanks to a deep bench of smart engineers and spam fighters, the webspam team is in more-than-capable hands. Seriously, they’re much better at spam fighting than I am, so don’t worry on that score.”

You can read the rest of his post here:

Reading Between the Lines

At Zoo SEO our team does not speculate or try to read something that is not there. Is it possible that Google has asked Mr. Cutts to step down? Of course it is. Is it possible that he has been offered another position? Obviously. He is the most well known person in this field. However, at this point all we have to go on, officially, is his own words. So at this point, we have to believe that Mr. Cutts is doing exactly what he said. Taking a well earned hiatus to rest up a bit. We will keep you posted though, should anything further develop.