What is an action penalty?

If you are sending out spam or getting spam there is an action taken by Google to notify on both ends and spammers are fined. In fact, last year Google manually distributed over 4 million messages to its users about spam action! This can work to your benefit, but it can also be a downfall for your company if your advertising is marked as spam and penalized by Google.Knowing how to remove Google penalties is also very valuable, however, this effort on the part of google makes it better for anyone dealing business and advertising via the web. ZooSEO Website Marketing can help.

In 2015 Google saw a 180% increase in site hackings comparatively to the previous year. this is a large increase so, why is this?

  • There was a large increase in sites that have little value content on the web
  • Google’s algorithms did a fine job of getting on the spam and improving the quality of the whole experience for its users
  • An algorithm update targeting spam hackers was introduced
  • Manual spam tackling resulted in more than 4 million notifications of manual actions by Google
  • Site with reconsideration requests were 33 % successful
  • Of over 400,000 spam reports acted on 80% of them were identified as spam

Google will keep improving its ability to fight spam and hackers to keep the web safe and clean for searchers. Having Google on your side is a plus. Of course, Google cannot track every single hacker nor can they penalize all who should be but the effort is monumental and is clearing the web for better business and navigation. Be aware for your own business safety and watch for penalties so you can remove them safely and permanently, giving your business a step up in the algorithm controlled land of the web.

This is all good news for you and your small business!