Oftentimes, when we visit a website the first thing we notice and look for are videos. Why? Because they’re appealing and fun to watch! You seldom see a video that is boring especially today that competition is tight among business owners or marketers wanting to introduce and popularize their products. People are more convinced in buying a product if they can watch a demo on how the product works and the guaranteed result after using it. This can be done through videos thus making video marketing a big hit among online audience today.

According to sem-answers.com, video marketing definitely makes an impression as one of the most important types of marketing campaigns, even though you can find many other ways to market your online business. There is minimal cost involved, it draws potential customers, and has the ability to increase one’s knowledge base in the longer term.

Having a video on your website catches the eye of online visitors. Videos can grab the attention of your site’s visitors because most people are usually looking for a visual experience and watching a great video promoting a product will definitely interest them. You can use this to your advantage because the more frequent and the longer the visitor stays on your site, the higher the probability of generating sales.

“Video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most of us want to “see” something before we want to “read” something. In the context of internet marketing, video can be used to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer about product or services, putting a face on a company, and building a company brand”- David C. Skul

New visitors who landed on your site while searching for a product will surely be more encouraged to give your product a try if they can watch a video that demonstrates how your product works and some testimonials from people who’ve tried and liked your product or the service that your provide. Your new visitors might even tell their friends and family about your product if they find it interesting and reliable.

On the other hand, if your video does not provide information about your product nor demonstrate how it is used and how effective it is then potential customers will not visit your site again or make any purchase. Thus, make sure that the video you create is fun and convincing so that potential customers won’t turn away from your site and will instead purchase YOUR product rather than that of your competitors.