Instagram may be the most overlooked but effective business tool for an online presence and marketing tool. Instagram is a giant BEAST when we are talking engagement and brand growth. It totally dominates Twitter and Facebook and is still free free free advertising. With over 400 million users, if you are not using Instagram to reach your small business growth potential, you need to sign up now.

Instagram just made some new changes and updates, making its new features a goldmine for marketers and business owners. Some are afraid this algorithm change will kill their organic growth but here are some facts to consider and why it is actually a good thing.

1. The Algorithm Update

While some are calling this “death to Smootchie” but currently, the way the old algorithm worked users were missing up to 70% of posts in their news feed. This new algorithm will actually rank posts in order of importance to the user, the relation the user and poster have and how new the post is. Gone are the days of this new feed content being based on the time of publication of the post! This is great news!

This change will affect content perfectly. Top notch content will draw in your users as opposed to flooding feeds with cranked out content that is less than useful to get ratings. Most Instagram users miss over 70% of the content they could be seeing solely due to the age of the posts. In the past, you may have been cranking out a dubious amount of content but your fans were only seeing a small portion of it. This new change will pinpoint who sees what and narrow down the content flooding of the past.

The potential is now there for this new algorithm to help rather than hurt you. Grab your users with creative and catchy content that will have you in their feed a much higher percentage of time because of their love of consuming your feed news!

These changes can and will be a huge win for anyone using social media to promote their product.

2. Ad Campaigns Add Value

Instagram’s new algorithm also added a new feature which incorporates the same idea that Facebook uses with ads. This is a whole new ball game for marketers to use Instagram. helping to cultivate trust, loyalty, authenticity and click ability. Cash in on the gold rush of the possible $2.81 billion a year this addition will bring in for you… the content provider and social marketing genius.

3. Instagram Extends Video Time

Instagram also quadrupled maximum video time for users to 60 seconds! This provides a perfect opportunity to tell your story over Instagram.

This is call to arms for all Instagram users and non -users alike, Instagram is one of your top bets for social networking and brand marketing. Get on board and get Instagram!