Ranking high on search engines is very important for business owners or online marketers. When you rank high, the more people will visit your site and thus drive traffic to it. Online audience searching for information on a particular topic would normally look through page one of the search engine using a specific keyword and would not continue browsing through page 2 or the succeeding pages. They would go on and try another keyword than check page 2. Thus, it is crucial that your site will land on page 1 of google or other search engines.

Use Video to Increase Web Traffic

The newest trend in online marketing today is video marketing. Business owners create videos and post them on their websites and distribute them to other video websites. The description of the video should contain the right keywords that is normally entered by users when searching about a topic especially one that is related to your niche. Using the right keywords in the description and title of your video will boost the chance of your website to land on the first page of search engines and this increases traffic to your site.

“Video SEO at its core is about the discoverability of video content via search engines like Google Video, Blinkx or any of 1000’s of Video Search Engines out there. The bottom line goal of Video SEO focuses on getting your video content to the top of search engine rankings – within both the standard search results page and video search results page.” – Webtribution

Why Choose Video Over Print Ad?

According to Vaughn Communications, an obvious advantage of video over print is that video involves more of the senses; it sells your product or service using sight, sound, and emotion. So your prospects are more engaged, and thus more likely to be convinced.

Videos are fun to watch, very informative and compelling. Marketers can demonstrate to their online viewers how these products are used and what results can be expected when purchasing the product. Those who have viewed your videos might possibly tell their friends about it and this word of mouth technique can help draw a larger audience to your site and when they learn more about the service or product you are offering they might possibly try it.

An increase in traffic to your site can help you generate more income because you can reach out to millions of people and promote your product. Furthermore, using videos to promote something is very economical because you only need basic video equipments to come up with the right video or you can ask assistance from companies that provide video services at an affordable cost.