Just how important is linking, and what sort of impact does it have upon your content?

Placing links within your blog posts and webpage is both strategy and a creative art. It is greater than just extending content and context. Linking revisits relevant but older content, adds reliability, and potentially boosts business. Learning about links is part of the content marketing that we offer here at ZooSEO.

Link Your Own Content

Within your text, place at least one or two links to your own previous posts related to that article. It increases past content traffic as well as building on what you offer to readers. Re-visiting old content is a superb way to incorporate quality without adding unnecessary quantity. It also maximizes the use of older content.

Connect With Influence

Remember that you want your blog or webpage to be most helpful to your target readers. Sharing links is what you want when it comes to increasing your reach. There are a few ways to tackle this, either by steering your writing toward a large group of people that are not well-connected, or funneling towards a smaller number of people with unlimited range of influence.

Influence is very valuable. Including references from an expert on the topic or field writing will enhance your authority, which in turn will increase the odds of people sharing your writing.

You can also use a direct connection to an expert which can build your content reach with straight across interaction, such asking for direct quotes or even interviews.

A Final Thought

As you head toward publishing your page, ask yourself if your reader will make it to the end of your article as well as click on the links you provide? Or after a quick skim will they return to their search results?

Linking Helps:

  • Link to real people or blogs. Big magazines or businesses don’t usually offer much interaction.
  • Make sure the blogs you link to are actively engaged with interacting and replying to comments.
  • Link to actual posts, not the category or home page. The business influencer you link to will likely notice and visit your site.
  • Another great tip: When including an influencer link, you might want to include the author’s name, username, or site name. In return, it’s more likely that they will mention your brand when linking or sharing your content.

Make sure your links are aligned well with your content. Pages with effective, influential links continue to be an excellent way to increase the productivity of your page.