Having a small business Facebook page is simply not enough to reach your target audience or current customers. You must spend some money to get in front of the right eyeballs. Unfortunately, the way that Facebook is designed for companies it seems daunting and it feels like it takes a large budget to be effective on this platform. One option is to hire an efficient and experienced social media marketing company who specializes in content marketing to assist you in your efforts. Here are a few tips to help stretch your marketing dollars on Facebook:

Be Consistent and Make a Commitment

The surest way to fail at Facebook marketing is by being sporadic. Facebook looks at pages that are actively posting new content and sharing good information from other pages. If you are going to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your business you need to commit to it by making a plan and being consistent. There are many tools to help you automate this process as well. You will want to make sure that you are responsive to any comments and questions, this helps promote your page organically on Facebook.

Promote Your Facebook Page On Your Website

If you are on a tight budget it is important to find ways for people to find you easily. By having a facebook button on your website people can connect with your company and be updated regularly while they are surfing their timeline.

Offer Exclusive Deals

By being consistent on your Facebook Page people will know to go there to look for updated information. One great way to increase traffic to your Facebook page is by offering exclusive deals there. This will keep customers loyal and coming back to see what deals you have to offer.

Use The Facebook Insights Tool

Facebook has a great tool to help you know what is resonating with your audience. The insight tool will show you which posts are getting engagement, and you can do your best to duplicate these efforts.

Make and Share Image Quotes

Finding memes or creating your own image quotes is a great way to drive traffic to your Facebook page. Because of the inspiring or entertaining nature of such posts, people are more like to engage with these posts and they have more of a chance to be shared.

Own Your Customers

Driving traffic to your small business Facebook Page is important, but it is not as important as getting new customers. Just because someone “likes” your page does not mean they are going to buy something from you. Make sure you provide plenty of opportunities to drive people to your website by offering free content if they sign up with their email. This will help you own your customer list so you can communicate more directly with them. The less you depend on Facebook to drive sales the better.