As business people, we want to look for the best strategies to market our products and services. In traditional marketing, we would try to use every form of medium, both the print and broadcast media. Big businesses would distribute their ads to billboards, newspapers, and radio and television networks.

And now comes the era of the online media – and this has been proven beneficial especially to small businesses like us. We have seen its tremendous power, and of course, we want to be part of the flow. So we devote ourselves to blogging, social networking, pay-per-click advertising, and so on. We all know that these marketing strategies are very much loved by search engines, especially Google.

But since there are too many companies and websites competing for Google’s search engine rankings page (SERPs), it becomes too difficult to even see ourselves at the top pages of the SERPs.

So, what do we do? We switch to video marketing. Why?

There are three reasons why you should use videos in marketing your business according to

First of all, video sells – meaning, a lot of people are interested in watching videos. As a matter of fact, YouTube alone boasts of two millions views per day.

The second reason is that online videos get A LOT of traffic. Here, we can go back to the fact that video sells. If video sells, that only means that it will get a lot of traffic. According to, all online video sites combined get 2-3 more traffic than all search engines combined.

The third reason is that videos rank well in search engines. You can rank a video on the first page of Google with just a 2-10 backlinks, but a normal webpage would take over 100 links to get the same result. ( Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So now that we’ve proven that video is undeniably an important factor in boosting our page ranking, and eventually our sales, how do we make sure that we are indeed attracting new clients and not pushing them away?

Let the viewers know how much time it will take them to watch the clip and what the clip is all about. The best way to do this is to put a label beside the clip. Put a short description so that your viewers will know what they will expect. There’s nothing more annoying for a viewer than watching a clip that is not actually what they are looking for and taking them longer than expected to watch. It will just be a waste of their time. When this happens, instead of gaining a client, you might just lose them.

Make your video interesting. Since marketing videos are usually very short, one way to keep your viewers interested is to offer something that they need. People don’t really waste their time on something that is not beneficial to them. “Focus more on how a product fits someone’s life, not how it works,” says Lee LeFever, founder of Common Craft.

Stay focused on the goal. What do you want to tell your viewers? Do you want to tell them the benefits of your products? Do you want to let them know how to achieve something? Be specific. Don’t mention other things that are not entirely connected to your goal. It will just bore your viewers. And that is one of the main reasons why clients would steer away from you.

Post a video that is relevant to the content of the website. When you put a video on your website or blog, make sure that it is somehow connected to the overall topic or content of the webpage. Videos are sometimes used as additional sources of information for a certain topic so your viewers would expect something more related. If your topic is about computers, it will be very frustrating to watch a video about your cats and dogs.

Don’t make your video a requirement. Not all people want to watch videos. Some people prefer reading content, especially if they are in the office. Ever visited a website and the video suddenly plays with your speaker in full blast? That often happens to me, and there’s nothing more annoying when you start fumbling with your mouse for the stop button because everybody is beginning to stare at you. So the bottom line is, give your viewers a choice of watching your video or not.

Stay ahead of your competitors. The best way to keep boosting your sales with videos is to be updated. Learn about the new features of videos and try to make the most out of them. It’s always good to be the first when it comes to marketing. Once viewers see that you’re really devoting your best efforts in producing videos, you will also make yourself more credible. As you start establishing credibility in your niche, you can expect your sales to go up.