The advancement of technology has resulted to the invention of gadgets and equipments that are primarily created to give convenience to consumers, make tasks easier to do and faster to finish. Even today’s computers have evolved smaller and faster models are coming out all the time. Business transactions are rapidly done with less human time and hard work. Computers help a business easily manage their finances and the documentation of their transactions.

“Computers are one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century. With hundreds of electronic devices attached inside the computer and the flows of electrical energy, we can simplify our daily lives by only clicking on the mouse and typing on the keyboard.” –

Computers now play a big role in the way we live, work and do business. Most business transactions today are computerized and this helps business owners get faster and more accurate data. Employees do not need to calculate large amount of money because the computers can do it for them. Business owners find computers very helpful in their business because the less time consumed the greater income generated. In every industry or business, no matter how big or small, computers are now used to make work faster and more efficient. Computers have truly changed the way we live.

“Computers changed the world a lot. It helped man step forward into the future. Thanks to computers, space exploration came true, new designs of vehicles and other transportation were made; entertainment became more entertaining, medical science made more cures for diseases, etc.” –

Computers also made communication easier for us through the internet. Business owners can communicate with their clients online and can give instructions to their employees faster through teleconference or chat. Sharing and sending of files are now faster through email. Business owners can also reach out to a wider audience using online marketing strategies to promote their products or services. Online marketing can save them time and money because they don’t have to travel to market their products and they don’t need to spend a lot of money in promotional activities. In schools, students are educated better using computers while in offices; computers are faster and more efficient in processing and storing information.

The question now is, how did computers evolve?

“Computer technology that is in daily use today finds its roots in the oldest computing systems like Abacus and slide rules. The evolution of computers can be traced back to calculators and punched cards, which were some of the earliest computing devices.” – Manali Oak

Today, different brands of computers are available for consumers to choose from. They can choose whether to buy a desktop computer or a laptop computer. Laptop computers are more preferred today because of its handiness but nevertheless all computers definitely make life easier for us because of our tasks are completed faster and done more efficiently through the help of a computer.

“The fun part about all this is how the technology is constantly evolving right underneath our noses. We live in a time when it is considered appropriate to have the newest tech, and if you don’t, you need to live in the now.”– Adam Huang

Technology really did make life easier for us with inventions like computers to make our work faster and help our business grow big. We should always try to cope up with the rapidly-changing technology and use it in a constructive way that can give greater benefits for us.