SEO is always about the website: the rankings, the links, the traffic, and so on and so forth. Still, is that all there is to SEO? Many SEO people need a reminder of the bigger picture they’re trying to accomplish.

Getting Offline

There are many ways websites can optimize their rankings without even touching their websites, and SEO people would be remiss in their duties if they didn’t at least explore those options. According to Marketing Land columnist Arnie Kuenn, ninety three percent of people search online before making a purchase, and eighty six percent use non-branded words to look for the things they want.

What this means is, consumers use different channels to find the products and services they’re looking for, and look for specific websites based on what they find on those different channels. Establishing a presence in those channels will give a website a better chance of attracting new users, and possibly convert them into purchasers.

Previous studies show that the offline world has a significant influence on the success of businesses online. As much as sixty seven percent of Internet users were driven to search for something because of exposure to some offline channel. Now, SEO isn’t concerned with what goes on beyond the four corners of the computer screen, but it is their job to optimize their site to receive as much search based traffic as they can.

Offline Chances

An excellent example is regarding Nike’s commercial regarding Derek Jeter’s final season. Obviously, the story along is compelling enough, but the commercial was what put people over the top. Thousands were searching for it online, and they got their fix, with news and videos about the commercial all over the web. This much exposure could only be good news for Nike – if they capitalized on it.

To see the Jeter commercial on the Nike website, users actually needed to enter Nike as a keyword. The brand should be the number one option when people search “Jeter commercial.” But, it is not, and all because their online presence never thought to incorporate their offline influence into the strategy. Just imagine all the lost traffic and potential revenue.

It just goes to show that it takes a reliable team to deliver quality SEO services. Fortunately, our team here at ZooSEO always makes sure to implement some new strategy to make the user experience better. If you’re looking to boost your brand, give us a call today. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to increase your online presence.