Video marketing is the latest and greatest in social media marketing service recommendations. With the rapid growth of YouTube, Vimeo, Vines and other video based websites the opportunity to market products and services has expanded exponentially. Advertisement videos are now seen as an entertainment genre all their own, with the capacity to shape and influence popular culture.

Do you want your small business video to be the next viral wonder? A good video requires thoughtful planning and execution. Here are some basics to help you develop quality video content for your business.


1 Define Your Marketing Goals

To ensure that your video marketing has the desired effect, you must consider how it fits in with your other marketing goals. Are you using video to introduce a product, explain a product, or just drop a name? Experts have said that it takes at least seven contacts of one form or another for a consumer to make the decision to spend money. You can use video marketing to funnel consumers into purchasing, maintain existing customers, or sway public opinion. All of them are good goals, but knowing where you’re going before you begin gives you the power to control the course and destination of your efforts.


2 Quantify Success

It’s essential to establish quantifiable success markers from the outset of any marketing campaign. Because social media is not a cut and dried marketing strategy it is doubly important. With traditional print advertising the relationship between ad and purchase was easy to determine. You run coupons one weekend, you get more sales the next week. But social media is more like drops of blue dye in a swimming pool. Small daily doses of exposure are not visible until one day you realize your water has gone from clear to cerulean without realizing it was happening. Because of this, it’s important to establish success trackers along your route. The number of page likes, shares, discussions, and searches surrounding your video are all measurable with web-based analytics. You can count the traffic flow to your social media accounts and see if your efforts are paying off in visits. And from visits you can determine how many visits are turning into sales. The longer a consumer stays on your website, the better chance you have of them purchasing something from you.


3 Learn What Makes a Good Video

As in any venture, it’s important to actually, factually know what you’re doing. With the surge in popularity of “vines”, short, humor based videos, it’s easy to believe that all a video takes to be successful is to turn on a camera and acting silly. But that’s not the case. The best videos on video sharing sites are the result of good planning and excellent execution. You may not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars creating a commercial, but if you don’t take the time to learn about videography and what makes a good video, you could hurt your business more than you help it.


4 Choose Your Voice

If you have an existing “voice” for your business, e.g. helpful, understanding, humorous, you might want to stick with what your consumers are already familiar with. If you are looking to recreate your image, or to establish it from the get-go, consider these 5 popular genres to help determine how you market.

  1. Controversy- If you can get people talking about a subject or an issue, and offer them a way to resolve the conflict with your product or service, then you’re utilizing controversy well. Handle this method carefully. You want to spark a discussion, not make enemies.
  2. Humor- Laughter truly is the best medicine, and getting people to feel good in association with what you sell is a win-win situation for them and for you. But be mindful that you don’t cross the line from funny to tasteless. Humor shouldn’t leave a yucky flavor in anyone’s mouth.
  3. Surprise- Novelty has the power to change a person’s mind, shift their thinking, and influence their purchasing habits. Have you got something that is unique? Capitalize on that novelty for your marketing campaign, it could be your key to viral success.
  4. Useful- If you can teach an old concept in a new way, teach a new concept in an easy way, and show consumers a way to make their life easier, you’ll have success with video. One of the most popular video genres on YouTube is the “how-to” or “DIY” videos.
  5. Ego- This is where connections come in handy. If you can show influential people using your product, or reward consumers for using your product, in a visual, positive way, you’re making an appeal to the ego. This is a tried and true method for marketing. This is why you see Olympic medalists on boxes of Wheaties, star athlete’s names on shoes, and pop music stars selling perfume. Influence sells.


5 Keep Up the Conversation

Once you’ve established a goal, a ladder to climb towards success, the tools of your craft, and what voice you’ll be speaking in, be sure to continue the conversation with your customers. Follow-up videos, where the story you’ve created is continued are always popular. Consider the enormous success of the Geico gecko. We’ve been watching that little green guy for almost twenty years, and he is still popular among viewers. Continuing to converse with your consumers through advertising is important for repeat customers and building residual marketing success for your efforts. Older videos get more airtime if your new videos are part of an ongoing story about what you do or offer.