It’s beginning to look a lot like… shopping season! People are stocking their shelves and getting their holiday service packages ready. The countdown in beginning with only 26 days in between Black Friday and Christmas day. Now is a good time to get some brand mentoring at for your social media marketing campaign for this season.

If you are feeling anxiety about getting your product or brand digitally marketed for this Christmas season, don’t panic, you still have time to plan and implement effective promotional tactics to boost your holiday results. You can still lay the groundwork for a bold, successful new year.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1. Don’t Forget Mobile Devices and Multichannel Media
It’s been estimated that e-commerce in the United States is to grow 17% this Christmas season which is up from last year. And digital interactions will be affecting HALF of those sales. Not only that, but the majority of customers will be using a digital tool of some sort from the retail establishments they buy from. This works out to be a 40% higher rate of conversions than customers who do not start online.

So you want to be everywhere your targeted customers are at all times. While perusing online, you want to grab their attention. Whether they convert right then or in the not-too-distant future, working on your online brand presence will pay off.

Remember that mobile web use makes up nearly 20% of all of e-commerce sales and will continue to grow every year. Have you thought about developing a mobile app for your brand?

2. Make Your Email List and Check It Twice
Probably the most important task you should do before launching your holiday email campaign is to segment and validate your email list. It’s not always easy to distinguish between your more engaged customers and the fair-weather ones. However, targeting a less engaged client will not be a lost cause. It may require a different approach as they are a step up from anonymous.

Pay attention to your one-time clients. While they may have engaged with your brand one time simply because of a special offer, product or price; it is still more costly to convert a completely new client than to work with someone who’s already been your customer. Repeat customers produce about 40% of the revenue from e-commerce, and that is just a fraction of your site’s total visitors.

3. Produce Relevant Content—Personalize Each Customers Experience
Most consumers state that personalized experience is the biggest factor in their purchase decision. Your brand connection across multiple devices is crucial. This is true for your re-peat business as well as those one-time buyers. You need to create real-time, meaningful personalized experiences. Make sure that your content, product recommendations, and offers are relevant to your target audience.

Your marketing strategy can be poised to take advantage of the attention that the holidays bring and capitalize those moments as much as possible. Get your solutions in place to provide a more personalized experience through your customers journey with your brand. This will benefit and help launch your business into 2015 as well