Do you have a brand marketing service from ZooSEO planned for your company?

The effective strategy for personalizing your marketing to engage your end user can be seen with Netflix. You watch a few shows and they zero in on what you like, offering you more shows in those areas. Before you know it, you’ve wasted several hours being reeled in to movies and TV shows you didn’t know you wanted to see. This type of stratagem has been gaining momentum and is becoming quite imperative for businesses looking to grow in the coming year. So when planning your marketing strategy, be sure you are keeping personalization a top priority.

1. Start with Gathering Information About Your Customers

To create a personalized experience for your target audience, you begin by getting to know your customers. Valuable data can be collected from website cookies, case studies, interviews and customer surveys. With mobile downloading providing a plentiful stream of personalized data for marketing, it would be unwise to not take advantage of this information to create a custom experience for your users to target what they are most likely to purchase.

2. Craft Personalized and Effective Emails

It may be difficult to avoid becoming yet another email crowded in someone’s inbox that gets moved to the trash. However, it is vital to craft emails that stand out to be successful. Emails that are personalized have a much higher chance of being clicked on than those emails that are not.

Try segmenting your email lists to categorize your clients by purchasing history, industry, locations and so forth. Then write emails that will clearly address the particular needs of each of those subgroups. For example, a dental practitioner may advertize promotions for denture care to areas with retirement housing using demographic and geographic data.

When an email shows the reader that your product or service will solve a problem, address and issue or enrich their life, your email will gain value in their eyes.

3. Search Out Your Ideal Customer

You will notice better results as you begin personalizing your marketing strategy more effectively. Using the same money for marketing, you can get stronger results. For example, you could stroll down a road on a hot day selling cold bottled water and get some sales here and there. Yet, you could also try taking those same cold water bottles and sell them at on outdoor Nevada sports camp in July possibly resulting in more sales than you have product. The key is that the product was much more ideal and valuable for the latter customers.

It has been shown that businesses that use personalized marketing effectively are obtaining a significant result in the increase of their sales.

Social media can you valuable data to find your ideal clients. Facebook alone provides a surge of data that is 500 times the amount of the New York Stock Exchange! Personalized information about peoples habits, preferences and interests is invaluable to helping you customize offers and tactics in converting leads to sales.

4. Personalizing Your Marketing Strategy is Growing

Trends and statistics show that next year we will see more businesses diving in to take advantage of what all this data can offer. We can expect a surge in customized email campaigns, targeting advertising and customized messages.

If you want to see more profits and sales next year in your company, you may want to incorporate a personalized marketing campaign for your targeted customers.

5 PREDICTIONS Why Personalized Marketing Will Dominate Next Year:

1. Mobile Apps will become the portal to personalized data.

2. People will prefer a customized purchasing experience.

3. Personalized emails will not be immediately sent to the trash.

4. Businesses customizing to their target clients will generate more sales.

5. Businesses will target in on their most ideal customers.