How is this newer feature of Facebook going to help you and your small business? Being that it is fairly new it is spreading like wildfire, so what is all the excitement about? As a basic social marketing tool this application is the wave of brand future.

What is it?

Live streaming has been out there for a while now but Facebook live is hot and fast growing in the digital media scene. Audiences are loving this fun new option. Live streaming is becoming a useful technology that cannot be ignored particularly by marketers, businesses and anyone trying to spread their message to all reaches of the world. It is like video marketing on steroids.

Soon this tech will allow you to feed live video to groups and event pages even. As well as a whole bunch of other features.

How does this help you?

Facebook live is going beyond by providing an intimate relationship between you and your consumers. Live streaming serves as a great tool for humanizing brands. The number one reason to use Facebook Live right now is to reach your entire audience organically. This won’t be the case for long so hop on now and take advantage of this before an algorithm is set in place!

Beware that notifications to all your followers will appear in their feeds as you go live and some users do not know how to disable their notifications. This can be a two edged sword so be careful of how you use this feature, you don’t want to annoy your customers.

Facebook Live has been downloaded by more than a billion users so now is the prime time to get involved and see how it can help your small business.