Videos are now in demand among online audience who want to be entertained, to know about a product or to be informed with the current news on different topics that they are interested in. Since the Internet can disseminate information fast, videos are considered the most engaging and effective medium because people become attached to a video if they find it interesting and captivating. A video will encourage visitors to stay on your website longer, and the longer people stay on your site the greater chance they will buy from your site. A great video most often do not need to be promoted because the video will promote itself to the right audience.

“Video is a highly effective way to promote your website or product. It is more viral than text content as it is shared and distributed more willingly and readily.”– Ann Smarty

Businesses are taking advantage of the people’s interest in watching videos and are producing videos to promote their product and create awareness among their potential customers. They reach out to them online and try to convince them to try out their products or services. But then, producing a video is not enough for a video to be accessible and popular to your targeted market. You need to optimize your video and distribute them to different video platforms in order to enhance you presence on the web.

Video optimization as part of your search engine optimization efforts can be a great way for you to expose your brand to users who may have otherwise not been familiar with your brand, your product(s) or your service(s)
.” – Marketing-Jive

Search engines love videos particularly those that contain new content and a website that contains videos has a bigger chance of getting a high rank on search engines compared to traditional websites containing plain text and image only. Having visitors stay on your site longer actually helps your website SEO efforts as well. If people are “bouncing” off of your website (getting on and off your website within 30 seconds), Google sees that and will not think that the keyword they typed in to get to you is relevant to your website. A video will not only help keep visitors on your website longer but it will also help your website SEO.

“Information presented in text is correctly recalled by only 8% viewers, where as same information presented in a graphic animation is recalled by the whooping 65%”. – Biznik

For search engines to crawl your site, you should have good content and this can be in the form of a video. Optimizing a video posted on your site can definitely help market your product to the online audience.

Video SEO can increase search engine performance by more than 5,000 percent and provide a powerful new marketing tool for your organization.” – Benjamin Wayne

After optimizing your video, you should then focus on its distribution. Video SEO would be useless if you do not know where to post and distribute your video. Post them on popular and most visited video platform sites like YouTube and Vimeo. But then, what is important is to have a video right on your website. This video can boost traffic to your site and the more visitors you get on your site, the more potential sales you can generate.

“Naturally, a good viral video piece will promote itself but you can always help it by distributing it throughout popular video hosting and sharing sites.” – Search Engine Journal

Enhancing your presence on the web is difficult but videos can help make it easier for you. Create, optimize and distribute videos that contain great content that your target audience will like and for sure you’ll achieve the results you want.